Tuesday, February 23, 2016

★Can you FIND the Walmart WEIRD? the Art of Weird with Mars Eve #WeirdMart

★Can you FIND the Walmart WEIRD? the Art of Weird with Mars Eve #WeirdMart Become a Weirdist! http://ift.tt/1VCwlIl To be clear, I did not choose to got to Walmart! My 15 year old was flipping out that her headphone cord went out… She has to have her jams! I hate Walmart… I can't help it. I have PTSD issues with #Walmart. I have had repeated bad experiences and it has scarred my psyche. There was even the time we waited so long in line that my ice cream melted all over the floor… The weird part of this video… I'm not going to tell you, you'll have to watch it, but I didn't even see it when I first recorded it. It wasn't until I was reviewing the video that I even saw the weirdness… That's Walmart for you… Walmart is the perfect place if you want to see freaks, or parents beating their children, or children playing with trash cans as toys… This video is a transition from Mars' So-Called Life to the Art of Weird. I will be having specific weird videos that cover certain topics in art, music, and the Internet… I will still be doing personal vlogs, but depending on their weirdness- will determine what playlist they will in. Thanks to all the new followers in the dedicated weirdists!! Tell your friends and enemies about me, and leave me a comment… if you dare! Love, Mars Eve .... Sidenote, even though I am a Christian, I do not believe in Hell as an afterlife. I believe that we all go to the same place with God, I'm an Universalist. However I do think Walmart is probably the closest place to hell… Next to the Middle East war areas... http://youtu.be/EPSUplLTyW8

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